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Risk management and prevention of adverse events you are here :

Risk management and prevention of adverse events

Risk exposure, incidents and errors are part of everyday life. However, it is our duty to make sure we minimize the probability of their occurrence. for this purpose, one of the most efficient learning methods is experience sharing.


In close collaboration with your teams, REPORT'in shares its expertise for you to improve your risk management, to reduce the number of adverse events and to enhance human performance.


To reach this objective, REPORT'in proposes tools from airlines industry, adapted to your environment :

  • Anticipation and risk control
  • Implementation of HRO principles
  • Adaptation and creation of your check-lists
  • Trainings about proper use of check-lists
  • Trainings in human factors management (CRM)
  • Experimentation and validation through real-life situations
  • Trainings for future instructors in simulation
  • A secure experience sharing platform